The VAP was valuable to millions of people.

What Happened?

When VAP was pulled off the market in early 2016, many clinicians felt like a valuable tool had been taken from their practice’s “toolbox.” Furthermore, doctors wondered how a proven and superior CVD test could disappear overnight. For over 20 years and after reporting over ten million patient results, the VAP technology consistently uncovered CVD risk while helping manage this serious disease for thousands of patients. Not only was VAP changing lives and helping both patients and doctors, it was also a very promising product for its then provider, Atherotech.

As you well know, the healthcare industry has experienced vast and significant changes in the past ten years. Those providers that have adapted remain viable. While Atherotech encountered these same industry challenges, the former investors did not support the restructuring required due to diminishing financial return. As a result, Atherotech lost access to the necessary financial resources to continue to operate. Consequently, Atherotech was forced to close and file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, thereby taking the VAP with it.

VAP is Back. With More Heart Than Ever.

For the first time in its history, the VAP technology is owned by a strategic international healthcare partner who not only desires a sustainable long-term offering of the VAP in the U.S., but also intends to distribute the technology worldwide. VAP technology is front and center in this long-term commitment.

In fact, the technology is so important we named the new and improved company VAP Diagnostics Lab after our core product!

The market continues to recognize VAP as a useful test to manage CVD risk and disease. During the ten months that the VAP has been unavailable, large clinical outcome papers continue to be published while several significant outcome studies covering over 35,000 patients are still ongoing. Many clinicians across the U.S. have wanted access to the VAP, and that time has come.

VAP Diagnostics recognizes the clinical value of the VAP and desires a sustainable business rather than a short-term financial gain. Our people are passionate about the VAP and committed to the opportunity to put the patient and the doctor first. VAP is back with the same service, stronger corporate backing, and MORE HEART!